Majority of clients will fly into Johannesburg international airport (O.R. Tambo international).

Direct flights are available from SAA or DELTA out of JFK, Washington Atlanta. Usually the flight duration to South Africa

will be in the 18 hours region, please confirm with your travel agent.

Flight costs vary between $1500 - $2000 depending on the time peak seasons may be more.


If you hunt in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe or Mozambique the Johannesburg connecting flight to destination are advisable. For hunting in Tanzania you will fly to Europe then to Dar Es Salem or Johannesburg to Dar Es Salem.


If you hunt in a BIG 5 area, (big concessions — 500 000 Acres +) you will need a charter
flight into the area. If you hunt alone this can make the hunt expensive this is why we advise 2—4 hunters
make the charter affordable, roughly 2000 US for the charter.


If you fly with rifles the first port of entry is where you would have to clear customs: That means if you fly to Johannesburg, or connecting flight to Polokwane you have to clear customs in Johannesburg and re-check luggage & guns to fly to Polokwane.