Most hunts in Africa are sold on either packages, which means you will buy for example
a 7 day hunt which will include your daily rates as well as a certain amount of animals,
that includes all your trophy fees and license fees.

These packages means mostly the price you see will be the amount you pay if you get all
these animals.


Another way is to book a hunt based on a daily rate, and then just pay for each
individually animal of the trophy fee list (a la carte)


Most of the Big 5 hunts works on a minimum day safari for certain animals, for example
a Buffalo hunt will be a minimum of 7— 10 days at a certain daily rate and trophy fees.
Leopard hunts for example are minimum of 14 days.

With most of the outfitters you deal with, there will be no surprises, the price you see will
include boarding, lodging, daily laundry, drinks, meals and the services of a PH, Camp
staff and skinners — includes field preparations on trophies.


Make sure with outfitters what are included and what not.
Unlike in the US, you will only pay for an animal, once you bagged it.. 
Hunts in SA are very affordable if you compare that you will pay around $5 000 for a
hunt out west and maybe see an animal. In SA you will be able to book a 7 day hunt and
bag at least 5 animals for that amount.