Jurie Meyer is a Bow hunter himself and has guided bow hunters on African Safaris for years, not only for plains game but for Big 5 as well.

In fact, Jurie's son, Jurie Jr. won the world junior bow hunter shoot in 2005


This means Jurie Meyer Safaris understands the unique needs and desires of bow hunters.

They understand shot selection, distance limitations and how to build a bow hunter friendly blind.


Jurie Meyer safaris provide permanent, comfortable blinds for close encounters and great views. You'll hunt from permanent concrete-block pit blinds with large viewing/shooting windows.

These blinds stay relatively cool in hot weather and offer exciting, eye-level encounters with wary game just yards away!


We also offer higher blinds you can be perched high above the ground in a blind on stilts or built into a tree. These elevated blinds are spacious and offer long range views of incoming game


Regardless of which type of blind you hunt, you'll be overlooking a water hole(that is constantly being filled) that will attract thirsty game well within bow range.

Virtually all shots are inside 30 yards with many inside 20 yards!