To bring a rifle to South Africa is actually very easy - you only need the following:


1. Invitational letter from your outfitter

2. Hunting agreement from outfitter

3. Temporary export permit — document usually supplied by your outfitter, also available online.


When leaving the US - you will get an export document - with the above documentation

you are set.


Ammo restrictions are 200 rounds per caliber. -actually N/A except for shotguns.


Ammo is readily available in SA, but is about double the price than in America.


The Guns go in a Rifle case (Sturdy) and there is usually no need to take the scopes off. — Bolt out of rifle, ammo is usually kept in check luggage, all together but in a case.


Important - when you arrive in Johannesburg get your checked luggage at carousel

and proceed through customs, don't wait for guns inside because the Police office is outside the terminal, normally Jurie Meyer or one of his staff will meet you outside to take you to get your guns. I had cases where clients waited inside for a long time.


To import a Bow there are no import permits necessary, make sure you pack it steady in a

good case, aluminum cases are great.

If you come to hunt with a Handgun a letter from your gun club/police stating is necessary to state you will use the weapon for hunting.


On Black powder, black powder is not allowed on airplanes. Please check before hand with Jurie Meyer, most customers will be able to get their powder in SA, communicate well in advance of your hunt.


No automatic or semi-automatic rifles are allowed.