Let’s first talk about the temperatures in Africa. Our hunting season runs mostly from
April to October, (In Tanzania — hunting starts 1 July to December)
Our winter is the opposite from yours’ — mid winter months are June, July and August.
We have dry winters, - (we are summer rainfall area — except the Cape)
From May to August the temperatures will be minimum of low 40’s and mid day
Temp of 17-80
Most clients bring too much clothing and too heavy clothing. 3 sets of clothing are
enough. Most hunting camps do daily laundry, - you get back from a day of hunting,
yesterdays clothes will be on your bed, washed and ironed.
You will need a good jacket for the chilly mornings, - we use open vehicles and the 2
hours in the mornings are cold, even gloves can be a good thing.
Camo clothing is not a must — no army camo’s. I wear shorts, (kaki clothes) with a jacket
in mornings. If we bow hunt and walk & stalk — camos is necessary.
Bring well worn in boots, (2 sets is a good idea). Check on soft soles — makes for quieter
A good hat for the sun, sunscreen and lip balm.
Binoculars and if bow hunting a range finder.
Camera equipment.
If you bring electric/electronic equipment, the power in Africa is 220V — most camps will
have a transformer for 220— 110, but you can bring an adopter.