Most areas we have are typical bushy terrain and average shots are ± 100 yards.


A good caliber rifle for plains game (all antelope species) is from 7 mm up, any "30" caliber

like 30-06, 308, 338. 270 is normally the minimum requirement, but can be a little small for

Wildebeest and Eland (1800 #).


Using good premium grade bullets is advisable. You won't want something going wrong when you're out hunting.


Optics on plains game is definitely advisable.


Dangerous game — minimum of 375 rifle is required, - if you hunt Elephant & Hippo a 400 caliber is advised.


If you hunt the open plains in SA for species like springbuck etc., like in the Free State or

the Kalahari — it is similar to your antelope hunts and shots can be between 200-350



Most camps will have a shooting range, and guns will be sighted before hunting.

On deciding what gun to bring, my motto is — the one you the most comfortable with,

shot placement is everything.