The Limpopo Province, known as the Great North, is an area
of dramatic contrasts. From true bushveld country to majestic
mountains, indigenous forests, unspoiled wilderness and a
patchwork of farm land. It borders the countries of Botswana,
Zimbabwe, and Mozambique and is home to the world famous
Kruger INational ParR. In the Limpopo Province you will enjoy
clear streams, rugged landscapes, fertile valleys, incredible
songbirds, spectacular sunsets, and soothing night sounds. It is
also considered the hunting capital of South Africa supporting an
astonishing and abundant choice of species.We at Jurie Meyer Safaris do not profess to be the
“biggest” and/or “best” but we concentrate on the individual client
and by giving them the best possible experience while on safari in
South Africa.

Your South African hunting experience should not just be
about the trophies you take home. It is the whole experience that is
important. Sitting around the campfire at night, listening to jackals
and lions, doing their nightly serenade, against the backdrop of the
southern stars. Watching the sun rise over the plains, while sitting
up on a kopje waiting for the animals to appear out of the darkness.
Smelling the grass and dust, as you walk through the bush. Every
sight and sound will be new to you. These are all things that,
combined with a successful hunt, make a real trophy and an
unforgettable hunting experience.

Even though most hunters considering a hunting safari to
South Africa feel that the planning and the details involved will
seem like a daunting endeavor, with the complete information that
we provide you on every aspect of your hunt, you will find just the
opposite to be true. Through the information provided not only on
our web site but through direct, prompt, and complete response to
any and all South African safari questions, you will find the
planning portion to be the easiest portion of your total South
African adventure.

Jurie Meyer Safaris was conceived by hunters for
hunters and therein lays our success. This location also benefits
from the fact that it is a completely malaria free area and generally,
no inoculations, certificates or visas are required to visit. Join us
and enjoy first class safari accommodations, the very finest cuisine
and trophy quality hunting all at extremely reasonable rates.
it will be our pleasure to share with you the South Africa that we
know and love.


Jurie and Celia Meyer